After Your Treatment


After your treatment you are likely to be feeling relaxed and possibly light-headed. Please ensure that you take time to recover fully should you have to drive home or operate machinery immediatly afterwards.

It is possible that you may experience some emotional ups and downs, irritability, tiredness or aches and pains after your treatment. This is quite normal and will last only temporarily and should be seen as a positive thing because you are releasing things that you do not need.

This sort of experience after being treated is common to many complementary therapies.

Many therapists advise their clients to drink plenty of water, to allow and encourage the flushing out of toxins.

It is likely that you will experience some benefit after receiving one Reiki treatment, but to gain the greatest benefit from Reiki you would need a course of Reiki treatments, ideally 4 - 6 treatments at weekly intervals, which allow the beneficial effects to build momentum and become more long-lasting.