Crystal Healing


In order to function in the rapidly changing world, we often feel the need to find more peace and harmony within ourselves.   We need to discover the power of the mineral kingdom in order to become whole and wise, for if we upset the delicate balance of any of Nature's Kingdoms, we end up suffering from our actions.

The mineral kingdom gives service to all life by providing a stable balance for planetary structure.   All other kingdoms on earth depend on the form and balance given by the life-force energies of the mineral kingdom.   It provides the foundation for life.

Minerals have the lowest vibrations of all living things.   They form the body of the earth from which everything grows.   We too are made up of the same elements as the earth.   We are not separate from it, but connected by our life-force energies.   Our human structure is made up of minerals and therefore the spiritual qualities of these minerals can be expressed in human form.   We are now just beginning to realise the potential of crystals to heighten the spiritual and physical aspects of our newly awakened awareness.

The mineral kingdom receives its life-force energy from the sun and from other planetary sources.   Stones are living entities; in a spiritual (energetic) sense if not in a biological sense.   They emit powerful vibrations and frequencies that affect our whole being.   They can heal, balance and attune the body, mind and spirit.

Crystals take millions of years to form.   Each has its own resonance, or vibration.   We have long possessed the knowledge for the use of crystals and light to heal.   The ancient Atlantians are said to have been a great civilization that used colour and crystals for healing.   Atlantean crystal healing may have been highly developed.   We know more about ancient Egypt where crystals were certainly used for healing and teaching.

Over the centuries, people have used gemstones to attract the solar rays and indeed modern communication systems and computer technology make use of the crystal in the form of the silicon chip.

Today we are learning to use crystals (precious or semi-precious stones) as a preventative and curative form of treatment, which generate healing vibrations acting on the body's energy field.   Crystals can be used to channel healing energies through the healer to the patient or be placed on specific parts of the body that need treatment.

Gem Colours and Chakras


Pure white sunlight contains everything necessary to maintain life on earth.   The electro-magnetic radiations flood down onto the earth and penetrate everything on this planet.   Light energy penetrates into the earth, into the rocks, mountains and caves.   The magnetic energy is absorbed into the earth and rocks and crystals begin their growth in the darkness using this energy.   When we bring crystals out into the light, they reflect the colours of the rainbow.   Crystals, as we have learned, are living entities containing the life force, which they hold and can release, once awakened.

The growth of a crystal, just like ours, is a long and continuous one.   Indian gem therapists believe that the crystals are composed of the seven rays, which are primeval, formative forces in nature and it is through the combination of these forces that tangible forms are produced.

Gems are pure light energy, and the colours of gems reflect the colour energy with which the particular gem is empowered.   When white light passes through a gemstone, some colour wavelengths are absorbed while other vibrations pass through.   The colour passing through the gem is amplified and the healing quality of the colour can be used in crystal treatments.

The human body is designed so that it is self-building and self-healing.   By combining our energies with that of gems, the self-healing processes can be stimulated.   This only occurs when there is an energy balance between body, soul and mind.

Crystal healing uses the crystals and the colour energy they contain to stimulate the bodies energy system into activity and recharge it with energy.

The Chakra System


The chakras are seven major centres within each level of the aura, joined together at intervals along the spine,   They are constantly moving, absorbing currents of energy.   The chakras are an essential part of our bio-energy system.   A free flow of life-giving energy is vital to the health and well-being of the individual.   The electro-magnetic energy circulating around the body stimulates various glands thus maintaining hormonal balance and affecting our whole metabolism.

The chakra enables us to gather, process and release energy from the earth and from the atmosphere around us.   The feed the life-force into our endocrine system, which in turn, stimulates and regulates our hormonal balance.   So although the chakra system exists in the etheric body, it has close connection and inter-relates wth the physical body.   The chakra conducts and filters a constant flow of energy through us.   Crystals can help maintain this balanced flow.

All life forms have chakra centres.   These act as conductors of energy.   It is believed that the mineral kingdom has one chakra, the animal kingdom has three or four, and it is only in man that we have three transpersonal centres linking us and allowing us to communicate with the devine world.

There are seven main chakras and twenty one minor ones.   The major chakras are found at the base of the spine, the sacral centre, the solar plexus, the heart, the throat, the brow or third eye and the crown.   Sometimes an eighth chakra is included, and this is situated at the thymus gland, which is located above the heart and below the throat centres.   We are coming to realise that the thymus chakra is of great importance at this time, as it appears to affect our immune system.

Crystal healing is now available

Malcolm McGee SNHS Dip. (Crystal Healing)

Accredited  by The International College of Holistic Medicine (ICHM)