Indian Head Massage

Modern daily life is increasingly stressful.   In the UK, we work the longest working hours than any other country in Europe.    Unfortunately our stressful lifestyles do affect our emotional and physical well-being.

In the UK, government figures recently showed that stress has now replaced backache  as the No.1 work created illness.   We all need to slow down, take time to ourselves.   Fortunately, Indian Head Massage can help.   Most people store their stress in the muscles in the neck and in the back.   These are just the areas that are treated and relaxed in an Indian Head Massage.

Indian Head Massage has been around for thousands of years.   When Indian Head Massage was introduced to the West, it was extended down the body to include the neck and shoulders, not just the scalp.  Since many people store stress and tension in the muscles of their shoulders and their neck, this makes modern style Indian Head Massage particulary suitable for todays stressed out individuals.

Indian Head Massage involves gentle positive massage movements that can unknot tight muscles, relieving tension.   Modern Indian Head Massage also incorporates an Ayuredic element.   Ayuredic Medicine is an ancient Indian medical system that focuses on energy channels within the body.   Many illnesses are said to be the result of blockages in an energy flow.   Ayuredic Medicine describes seven energy centres or Chakras  located around the body.   Modern Indian Head Massage works on three higher Chakras.    Since all the energy points are independant, if there is a problem with a  particular Chakra, this can build up, resulting in tension and stress.   By working on the higher Chakras, the whole body can be brought back into balance, promoting physical and mental well-being.

Many clients report a variety of sensations, may see different colours of the stage of the massage.  

Indian Head Massage is a safe, effective massage technique that can be given and received by almost anyone.   It promotes hair growth, helps aches and pains and relieves stress.  Following an Indain Head Massage, many people say that they sleep better, feel far less stress, have more energy and just feel great all over.

Benefits of Head Massage


Below is a list of benefits when you receive an Indian Head Massage:

  • Increases the supply of fresh oxygen and glucose to the brain
  • Through massage, an electro- chemical balance can be maintained, which results in health and long life.
  • Relaxes the nervous system and eliminates the fatigue caused by mental stress and strain.
  • Improves circulation of that life-giving cerebrospinal fluid.
  • Increases the secretion of growth hormones and necessary for the growth and development of brain cells.
  • Increases the circulation level of pranic energy, inside the brain, by kneading and pressing the muscles, accumulated toxins are encouraged to leave the body; in exchange, the cells fill with nutrient materials and prana.   The body and the immune system become strong and stimina, vitality and varility increase.
  • Retards hair loss, premature balding and greying, by stimulating the circulation to the hair follicles encouraging hair growth.
  • Massage in general, and head massage in particular, is an effective device for inducing sleep.
  • Application of nourishing oils to the head helps both calm and strengthen the nervous system.   When the oil is applied to the head, it is absorbed by the hair roots; these in turn are connected with the nerve fibres that lead directly to the brain.

Preparing for an Indian Head Massage


Preparing for an Indian Head Massage is very simple:

  • Before you receive your head massage a consultation has to be completed by the therapist so you should allow at least 15 minutes extra to your therapy time.
  • You should remove any chains, earrings, piercings from the neck and face area.
  • No items of clothing are removed but it is advisable to wear a light top, t-shirt etc. (please do not wear items such as heavy cardigans, jumpers etc.)
  • You can, if you wish, remove your shoes, this is purely for your own comfort if you wish to do so.

What happens during the massage is the next question you would ask.   The therapist will explain all that is going to happen to you, then helps you to relax asking you to breath slowly, empty your mind of all the stresses, strains and problems of the day.   Then hands are laid on your shoulder for a couple of minutes and when you are calm the massage will begin.

Starting with your shoulder blades, then your neck and then your head, finishing on the gentle massage of your face.   You will be asked throughout the massage if you are happy with the pressure that is applied and if you are comfortable.   Please remember that at any point during the massage, you can tell the therapist if the massage is too hard or too soft.  Remember, it is done to your liking.

During the massage, you will be listening to relaxing music.


Indian Head Massage is now available




Malcolm McGee SNHS Dip. (Indian Head Massage)

Accredited by the International College of Holistic Medicine (ICHM)